Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I'll Fly Away

Well, it's 'bout that time again. I will be leaving tomorrow evening and heading out to Baltimore, MD, for a job interview at Calvary Baptist Church Academy. They are considering me for either their High School Secretary or Accounts Receivable/Payable Staff. I appreciate your prayers for safety as I travel. Please pray with me that the Lord will continue to guide me as I look for a job.

Mark is also leaving on Friday for a job interview in Newport News, VA. If he gets that job and I get the one I'm going for, then we would live about four hours from each other. That may be kinda least that's what I think. Don't ask Mark. LOL!!!

I will keep all y'all updated on the status of things. Hopefully, I won't have QUITE as many travel adventures as when I went to Cleveland. But, as long as I get there and back in one piece, it's all good...and don't worry...I'm NOT going in a hot air balloon!


grandmascraps said...

Good luck on your interview. I looked at the school newlsetter and I think it looks like a great school. Sounds like a really good opportunity. I look forward to your report on your return. Hugs

Karis said...

Yeah, an uneventful trip would be good at this point! Can't wait to hear how your interview went.

Mark said...

4 hours :)