Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another one bites the dust!

So just a little update:
I caught a mouse last night.
I caught another one while I was at work today.
That makes a total of three so far.
There wasn't any mysterious chewing going on behind the entertainment center tonight, like there has been the past three nights.
I -- the MIGHTY HUNTER-- am keeping my fingers crossed that they are all gone. And praying.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Rodent Recon

So I got home from work Friday and wha'd'ya know -- I found little brown somethings on my kitchen cabinet and in the drawers. So it's either mouse droppings or someone has been in the chocolate sprinkles.

So, we have decided to take evasive action. I found some mouse traps that someone had left here before (Actually - it was funny....there was crusty old cheese that had been tied on to the traps with twisty-ties. LOL) and baited them with peanut butter. But I couldn't set the traps....probably partly because I was afraid of them. I put the traps in plastic baggies and called the landlord and asked him to come set them for me....which he did.

While I was at work tonight, my friend Tiffany (She was over doing laundry) called me and said "one of the traps has a mouse in it. I felt sorry for it because it's a little mouse. And it didn't die right made a horrible noise!!! So I thought you would like to know that there is a dead mouse in your house." Thanks for the heads up, Tiff. Oh -- and then she called me again to say that there was one behind the TV chewing on the cords. But she chasted it away from the TV and it went under the heater. Thanks again, Tiff.

But I decided that I'm NOT going to mess with traps and mice. So on the way home, I stopped at WM and picked up some stuff. I got some of those messless mousetraps -- you set them and they are all in a plastic container and you just throw the whole thing away. I also got some of those thingys you plug into the wall to make high pitched noises to scare the mice away. And, I got some poison packets to put around the house. By the time I got to the checkout line, I was all upset in the tummy-tum. I didn't want to go home and take the mouse out. This whole mouse thing is really making me quite anxious.

So I called Mom on the way home to WM (I was also talking to her while I was AT WM) to fortify myself for the taking out of the trap and the mouse. Ick! It was a horrible thing to do. Actually -- I also got some tongs so that I wouldn't have to touch the thing. Serious grossness!!! It took some doing to talk myself into actually doing the dirty deed. Good thing I had Mom on the phone for moral supoort. Oh wait. Mom was laughing so hard I think they're gonna have eggs for breakfast.

Ok -- so Maybe I'm being a little melodramatic. Or maybe I'm just being me. But GRODY!! I was actually kind of relieved that the other two traps haven't been sprung yet.

Now what? I put the poison packets out and plugged in the scare-the-mouse away dood-dads. And I took two Tylenol PM and I'm going to sleep. That way if I catch a mouse in the middle of the night, maybe the trap won't wake me up.

Happy Hunting.......yeah right!!!

Yes, my house is very clean (aside from the clothes on my bedroom floor) but my house is out in the middle of the woods and fields, so I guess that's why there are the mice. That's what Mom says. And the landlord. But still. Gross!!!