Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Well, I had the most fabulous weekend(about two weekends ago)!! My birthday was last Monday, October 6. My family surprised me with the best birthday gift I have ever had. They bought me a plane ticket so I could go to Josh and Shannon's (in Chicago-land) for Cynthia's first birthday party.

It was so great to see my family again. I really miss them so much. AND Cynthia is soooo cute!!! She is getting to be SUCH a big girl now.

Cynthia got lots of presents, and she enjoyed eating her birthday cake, too. See??

My Great Aunt Ava came to the party, too. Here is a picture with four generations of our family. Pretty neat, huh?
On Saturday night, my neighbor Tiffany's family came over and had dinner with us. It was really fun to see them again (I met them in July). I think my family liked them, too, and Paul (Tiff's brother) just fell in love with Cynthia.