Thursday, June 26, 2008

Something Old, Something New

So a while back, Ben and Tiffany (neighbors) got a new couch and love seat. Since our apartments are furnished, they brought their couch over to my place. The landlord let me keep it for a while, until he needed it again. Well, it was really nice to have a "foster" couch....but I had to give it up. It was a sad time....we were all attached to the little booger. friend Stephanie and her husband, Hugh, gave me a couch (they got some "new" furniture from his parents and didn't need this one anymore). It's a pretty nice couch, very comfortable, but a little ragged on the seat. So, I got a fitted sheet to cover the treadbare spots and VOILA....problem solved. The colors even kinda go with my other one. Nice, huh??
SO my walls have been nekked since I've moved here, and my friends have been "complaining" about it. So tonight, Tiffany and I were at Old Time Pottery and I decided to see if I could find anything. I ended up getting a really cool mirror thing and another wall sconce. They are sooo awesome!! I still need more stuff, but these are definately a good start!
ALSO I made an afghan for my friend - and adopted sister - for her college graduation. It's really cool.
Here are some pictures.....

Shout out to Silvia

My friend Silvia said that I didn't give her enough recognition on my 6 month re-cap of things. Sorry, Silvia!!

You can check out Silvia's blog HERE it's really cool!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Go Celtics!!

So what have I been up to lately? Well I'll tell you...there have been lots of things going on. One of the most interesting developments is my new-found "love" of basketball. My friend John and I have been watching the NBA finals (he is a Celtics fan) and I've discovered that it is a pretty fun thing to do, too. I think it's because the game is so fast-moving as compared to other sports.....or maybe it's because the Celtics are green and green is my favorite color. Hmmm...... Anyways, I'm even learning some of the rules of the game. I even have a favorite player -- Kendrick Perkins #43. Yeah he's like 6'11 and totally DOMINATES the court...well, when he's not being fouled by the other team, that is. I also like Ray Allen. He exudes this amazing amount of confidence and almost all of his shots go in. Soooo....there's my bit about basketball.

On Thursday, I had a huge tailgate party to kick off the first game of the playoffs. It was SWEET!!! I grilled chicken and burgers and hotdogs. Tiffany made pasta salad, too. There were a whole bunch of people there, and we had such a good time!! One of my co-workers, Alan, and his wife, Michelle, came and brought their two little boys...but I can't remember their names right now for some reason, but they were SOOOO cute!!!

So what else has been going on? Well I've been keeping pretty busy. John and Ben and Tiffany and I hang out a lot. We went to see Iron Man a couple of weeks ago, and that was really fun.

Work is going ok. It's not the best job in the world, but it's better than not having a job at all, and besides that it's where the Lord wants me to be right I'm working on contentment.

Well, it's time for me to get to work. Have a great day. I'll try and to better about getting things updated here.