Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So far....ok

Wow!! It has been SUCH a busy week!! Training for the new job started on Monday, and I have to say it's been very interesting. I'm finding that the job is going fairly well for the most part. It's coming to me fairly easily which is nice. BUT they have given us homework every night, which I don't really like....but hey -- life isn't made up of what I do and don't like. HA!! If only, right??

I haven't gotten home until really late every night. Well, not EVERY. I got home on Monday and tonight about 9:00pm, and I got home around 7:30 on Tuesday. It's Bible Conference week at BJU, so I was hoping to be able to get to more of the services, but so far I've only been able to make it to Monday's. I'm planning to go tomorrow night, though. It's the Alumni Association annual meeting and reception.

ANYWAYS....the bus kids TOTALLY wore me out, so I'm exhausted...pretty sure it's bedtime. Thanks for all your prayer and support. I appreciate it!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Work and Stuff

Well, I have some news. I have a job. It's not THE JOB that I really wanted....the one I interviewed a week ago for. BUT is a job. I will be working for a company called Level One. The job is working in their call Leasing Office answering incoming phone calls about apartments and such. The thing I'm not too fond of is that the hours are second shift and I'm required to work one weekend day a week. That means that I have to work every Saturday so I can go to church on Sundays. PLUS there isn't really much of a chance that I'll even have 2 days off in a row. BUT it's the job the Lord provided for me. When I talked to the recruiter, he said that you can eventually work up to being able to have first shift that's a bonus. And, he and I talked about career opporunities with the company, outside of the call center. There seem to be quite a few. So in all, I'm starting to get a little excited about the job. It's always fun to learn new things, right??? Oh -- I start Monday.

I also had a Stampin' Up! workshop last night. It went really well, and even though there were only 3 guests, the hostess got some nice stuff. Here are the projects we made:

This is just a cute little spiral notebook....the kind you get at Wal-Mart 4/$1, but they are so fun to alter, and I really love the way it turned out!!

The best way to make these is to unwind the spiral and take the notebook apart. Then, after you finish your design, use a small circle punch (we used 1/8") to punch the holese for the spiral to go back in and re-wind the spiral.

Stamps - A Beautiful Thing
Cardstock - Groovy Guava, Blue Bayou, Whisper White
Ink - Groovy Guava, Blue Bayou, Wild Wasabi
Accessories - Groovy Guava Double-Stitched Ribbon, Brads
Punches - Circle Scallop, 1 1/4 and 1 3/4 Circle, Round Tab

The other project we made is this card. Isn't it fun?? I fell in love with this stamp set when the new catty came out, so I'm really happy to have it now. ACTUALLY, I traded for this I didn't even spend any money to get it.

Stamps - The Free and the Brave
Cardstock - Soft Sky, Purley Pomegranate, Blue Bayou
Ink - Blue Bayou
Embelishments - Soft Sky Double Stitched Ribbon

This project is what I gave the hostess of the workshop as a thank you. It is a 4x4 magnet that came with my phone book. I think there was a roto-rooter ad or something on it. Doesn't it look MUCH better with pretty ribbon and sparkes??

Stamps - Bugs and Kisses
Cardstock - Soft Sky, Purely Pomegranate
Ink - Purely Pomegranate
Embelishments - Purely Pomegranate Double Stitched Ribbon, Dazzeling Diamonds (glitter)

And here are some other projects that I've made. You can find details for these cards on my Splitcoast Stampers gallery HERE.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

It went like this

Well....I was chatting with a friend today. It went like this:

Them: What are you up to tomorrow?

Me: I don't know yet. What are you up to tomorrow?

Them : Working

Me: That's nice.
I'd go to work...but I don't have a job.
I might do some stamping.
In fact.... is very likely that I will do some stamping.
In fact.....
I'm almost 100% sure I will stamp some cards tomorrow.

Them: That's cool.
(insert cheesy grin here)

It amused me greatly, so I thought I would share.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Hi. It's me again. I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much to everyone for their prayers. My interview went really, really well. The job sounds quite fascinating. There is so much attached with the sounds fabulous!! I won't bore you with all of the gory details, but the Chavers were both really nice. I enjoyed chatting with them over lunch. They are very down-to-earth people Oh -- and I met Frank Garlock at lunch today, so that was interesting. Apparently, they are old friends. ANYWAYS....after lunch, they took me back to the place where I would be working. It is a renovated school that was built around the 1870s, I believe. They have a complete stage there, including a turntable and all sorts of other nifty gadgets.

So, it sounds like a great job. They are going to be letting me know within the next 2 days they said, but hopefully by Monday. I appreciate your prayers that the Lord would give wisdom and direction.

Thanks again!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Desires of our Hearts

As you may or may not have noticed, I have a flare for the dramatic. Being such, I REALLY love plays and the theatre. I was introduced to opera while I was in college, and I actually enjoyed it (especially since they display sub-titles so you can read what's going on!). Well, this year at BJU, the spring Opera is The Barber of Seville( <----- production photos, if you are interested.....). I especially enjoyed this production when I was in college, particularly because they perform it in English....yessss!!!! So, I really REALLY wanted to go, but couldn't swing it financially. Sheesh....what a disappointment!! Weeeell.....a friend of mine, Mrs. Joyce Parsons (who works in the costume room at BJU) had an extra ticket and invited me to go with their family. So, now I get to see the opera.

What is it the Bible says about the desires of our hearts??? Hmmmm......

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's Curtians for you, Buster!

Living room curtains, that is. Mom sent me a package today. It had the curtains from my bedroom at home, which are PERFECT for my living room. The couch is blue and green and tan plaid and the curtains are tan. It looks great!!! PLUS I found this ribbon that I love and have been hoarding for quite some time. It makes a great tie-back...don'cha think??? Here are some pictures:

Also, I recieved a phone call today about a job. It is with a place called The Academy of the Arts. It's here in the Greenville area, and is run by a man named Nicky Chavers. Some of you may have heard of him. The "place" sends drama teams to churches in the summer time. During the school year, they hold seminars and stuff like that at Christian schools.
The job would be as the Administrative Assistant. Dr. Chavers asked me what I majored in while I was at college and I told him Practical Christian Training and that I minored in speech, and he seemed to think that would be an ideal background.
So, I'm having an interview/lunch with Dr. and Mrs. Chavers on Thursday at a little deli right down the road from where I live.
It sounds like a great opportunity, and I really do appreciate your prayers regarding this one. It would be so nice if I could start working SOOOON!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

For Sale or Trade I am at last posting my retired sets up for sale or trade....such a hard thing for me to do!! I am hoping that these sets find loving homes.

I am willing to sell or trade everything listed. I don't have any set prices in mind, so make me an offer.

Wish List:Current SU! sets, accessories, ribbon, DP....pretty much any current SU! item.Thanks for looking!!

Current SU!
Wild Rose

Retired SU!
Flutterbys (DD)
Furnished with Love
And Everything Nice
All Wrapped up w/Accessories
Watercolor Garden
Alphabet Soup
Garden Collage
All I have Seen
Flower Filled
Fresh Flowers
Trim the Tree
Holiday Wishes

Happy Birthday Greetings (BG Stamp)
Just Jeans (BG Stamp)

Wash Day (Jumbo Wheel)
Hollyhock (Jumbo Wheel)