Sunday, September 30, 2007


My friend Vega made a really cool website --

Happy Sunday! least I had a happy Sunday. I hope you did to. I REALLY like this church I'm going to be attending...which is a good thing, I suppose. The pastor preached a really good sermon this morning. Then tonight, there was a panel discussion about different standardsd like women wearing pants, what version of the Bible to use, and stuff like that. I met up wih my friend Les at church tonight, and was actually able to meet his dad, Les. After church, quite a few of the singles from church got together at someone's house and just hung out and ordered pizza and stuff. It was really nice, and I made several new friends. YAY for new friends!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Yay for Brothers!

Well, I've been here since Tuesday....all by myself (sniff sniff). The people I'm living with are gone on vacation, or were. They are getting back tonight sometime....I acutally thought they would be here by now, but apparently not. Oh well.

So, I wasn't sure what I was going to do today. Fortunately, Mark came to my rescue. I drove out to Hampton about 1pm today or so, and we spend the afternoon together, and I got home about 8pm.

After I got home, our cousin (she is Dad's first cousin, if you really wanna know) Marilyn called me. It was really nice to chat with her. Marilyn and her husband Carl live about 2 hours or so from here. Well, we made plans for Thanksgiving -- Mark and I are invited and Krystina's family. Who knows who else may show up, but it will be really nice to have Thanksgiving with family, even though it's family I bearly know.

Tomorrow is church's that for stating the OBVIOUS. I'm really excited about the church I'll be attending here. The name of it is Colonial Baptist Church. They have a pretty big singles/college and career group, so I'm really excited about that. There is a Bible study every other Friday evening -- the next one is on Friday. I'm eager to meet everyone there and develop some friendships. They also have small groups that meet weekly. I think there are like 3 groups of gals and 3 groups of guys. I am going to try and paraticipate in one of those, too. That's a great way to get to know people at church.

Well....hmmm....I'm trying to think of what else. Oh -- my first two days of work were ok. I think I'm going to like my co-workers, but it's so quite there -- lots of working and almost no talking.....that's sad. But, I guess that's what we are there for -- to work. Maybe there will be a little chatting as we get to know each other more. Who knows. OR MAYBE I just talk to much. That could be another possiblity for me to ponder. Hmmmm

Ok. Enough pondering. In case you were wondering, No -- Cynthia has not been born yet. This makes Melinda sad. BUT Maybe she will be born on my birthday. That would be cool....but I would feel very badly for Shannon if Cynthia waits that long to be born.

And so....I'm off to bed. Have a great night and a wonderful Sunday

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ventured forth into the great unknown

Returned unscathed. YAY!! OK -- well, maybe I'm a ((Little)) tired and feeling strange, but I made it here just fine, and didn't have TOO many adventures. BUT I"m too tired to talk about it right now. I just wanted to post and let my dear, faithful readers know I'm here ok.

Friday, September 21, 2007

An Update -- Finally answer your questions --

YES I am still moving.
NO, I am not packed yet (shame on me!!)
YES I have started packing (just bearly)
YES I am excited about moving.
NO I am not looking forward to driving all that way by myself.

I have a feeling that the first person I see when I get there is going to have some very sore eardrums...I'm such a talker when I've been by myself for that long. LOL!!

And here is the scoop:

I'm leaving Sunday afternoon and traveling to my Aunt Ava's house in Illisnois. That's 5 hours from here. Monday morning I'm leaving Aunt Ava's and driving to Somerset, PA. That's about 9 hours.Tuesday morning I'm leaving Somerset, PA and traveling to VA Beach, the final destination. That's aobut 6 hours.

I have been pretty busy stamping, too. Here are some projects I've done. The bottles are Frappuchino bottles that I altered....those are SOOO much fun to make. Details for all of the cards can be found in my Splitcoast Stampers gallery HERE.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Let the Countdown Begin.....

Well, sorry I haven't updated sooner, but I've been so tired from my trip, and busy doing other things, that I just haven't had time. My visit went really well. The Potocskas are really nice...I liked them a lot, especially Pam. SO, I will definately be moving. Yay! It's only ten more days. I can't believe it - time is going to go so quickly!

Well, that was short and sweet, huh? I'm too tired to think, though, so I'm going to bed. Nite.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Here Ok

I made it here ok, no adventures this time :o) It's's been a long's time for bed.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

An Exciting Post

I will be leaving tomorrow for my job thing in VA Beach. I'm too exhausted to say anything else, but I really appreciate your prayers.

Also - I am excited about a direct answer to prayer that the Lord provided. Remember I told you that I had two job offers on the table? Well, I was praying that the Lord would open one door and close the other - and He did!! The second job decided to recant on their offer. SO, I thank the Lord for answering this prayer so specifically for me.

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy path." Prov. 3:5-6

Monday, September 3, 2007

Stamping Fun!

I love stamping...I love creating new things. It is my hobby and my passion. Wanna see what I made this weekend???'s this notebook. The quote on the front says

"You are only as strong as the coffee you drink,
the hairspray you use,
and the friends that you have".

This other notebook is one I made for my secret sister at church.
And so, because I've had a full day of cleaning and working and swimming, I'm going away now.

New Blog

I made a new blog. It's called "recipes for the cullinary challenged". The intent is to get together a quick reference of easy recipes for those bachelors who we all know and love, but who don't have a CLUE about cooking.....LOL!! Soooo....if you know of a recipe or two, I'd love to have them. You can check out the blog here:

Recipes for the Culinary Challenged