Thursday, November 20, 2008


SO guess what I did on Tuesday. Can you guess? NO? Ok...Tiffany and I went to see the BJU production of Pirates of Penzance (thanks for the ticket, Tiff!!). It's a Gilbert and Sullivan musical, and SOOOO FUNNY!!! Basically, the plot is about Frederic, who was supposed to be apprenticed to a PILOT. BUT his nursery-maid misunderstood and apprenticed him to a PIRATE instead. The story starts on Frederic's 21st birthday. He tells the pirate band that he is leaving them. However, by some twist of fate, it turns out that Frederick was born on leap day so instead of being 21, he's actually only 5 (and a quarter!!). The pirates are all soft-hearted, so they refuse to attack anyone who is weaker than them. They also cry every time someone tells the pirates that they are an orphan. So, every ship they capture is somehow manned only by orphans. LOL Anyways, it's a really funny story!! If you want the whole plot, you can go to the Wiki ((here))

The guest artists were The New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players. I have to tell you, they did a FABULOUS JOB!!! The choreograph was great, and some of the things they did was soooo funny!! My favorite in the second half. The pirates were singing and they ended up all doing a kick line. Then, for the last chorus of the song, they got some glittery top hats and added that to the act. And the Major General came out at one point with a night cap, nightgown, and doggie slippers on his feet. That was too funny, also!! There are some great pictures ((here)) if you want to see them.

And in other news, I went to WM and got some really pretty yarn for the next two babies coming to our family. The yarn for Molly is white with blue and sea foam green and ballet blue (for those stampers reading this....for anyone else, kind of a medium shade of blue). I've started on that one, and it's trurning out realy pretty. The yarn for Baby McMillen (or Bobby Jo as he/she is being called right now) is light green with some blue flecks. It's a realy soft, fuzzy kind of bulky yarn. I can't wait to work with it.

Anyways, I'm gonna go work on my baby blanket. Have a happy day!!

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Anna said...

Sounds like you had a fun time! I'd love to see pictures of your baby blankets when you finish them, too.