Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So I have to tell you....I have the most wonderful set of friends!!! It really is kind of like our own little family here. The members: Ben and Tiffany McPherson (my neighbors until Saturday), John and Pat Colpitt (John lived across the hall from Ben in college), Jodi Waterhouse (Pat's fiance, and they went to high school together), Jeremy Herriman (co-work of Ben in the summers during college), and a couple others but those are the main ones. We hang out together a lot, and take turns cooking Sunday dinners, although Tiff and I are the main ones who do the work and dishes. LOL Sooo....I decided to blog about my friends. I am so blessed to have them in my life, and since I am going to be (hopefully) blogging more, I thought you might like to get to know our little family better.

I'll start with John, since he is my best guy friend here. (No, I'm not interested in dating John. Yes, I used to think I was....back in the summer. But I'm not now. For the record.)

John is from New Hampshire. He graduated from BJU in 2004 (pretty sure....the same year Mark did) with a degree in Interpretative Speech. Let me tell you, he is VERY GOOD at all things speechy. He can hear a comedy skit and repeat it almost word-for-word, and usually funnier. LOL John eat, sleeps and breathes football.....even on the off season he's keeping up with stats and watching past games. He makes the Packers fans look like wimps. LOL

Pretty much, John has been like my brother, especially during the past month or so. The day after Josh and I broke up, John and I went to lunch. Oh -- we work together and used to have the same schedule (until about two weeks ago) so on payday, we used to go to! So I was trying HARD not to cry, and John was TOTALLY sweet and let me hold his arm on the way back from lunch. It was really nice!! Saturday night when I had to leave my car in the WM parking lot, he came and rescued me (this is probably the third time he has rescued me......once or twice when my battery died, too) Then, when I was all upset that night (we were at Ben and Tiff's watching a movie) he gave me a hug and said it was going to be ok and stuff like that. And on Monday when I went to take my car to the shop, John came and picked me up. After the car got all fixed again, he was like "See. You wasted a perfectly good emotional break-down for nothing." LOL Anyways, the past few weeks have been pretty traumatic, with the move and the break-up and all that. John has just really been a great friend....always there when I needed him, and willing to listen to me whine about my life. Last night, he told me that he's always there to talk, and one of his shoulders is mostly dry if I needed to cry on it. LOL What a great guy!!! And ladies, he's single...LMK if you want his number. LOL

Maybe next time I will blog about Tiffany. She's like my sister.....everyone loves Tiff. And we cook together and stuff.

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