Sunday, June 24, 2007

Delightful Day

Yesterday was our church picnic, and it was such a fun day! It was at Josh and Shannon's house. Mom and I went early to help Shannon get some stuff ready...but we didn't really do very much. J and S were keeping a couple of kids from church overnight, Bryce and Anneliese, because their mom just had surgery. So, Anneliese and I made deviled eggs while Shannon and Bryce made cupcakes. How fun!! Anneliese wanted to taste everything. She is such a cutie pie!! It was so much fun, and I really want my own kiddos now. Then, some of the other kids got there and we "played" volleyball. I just love kids, and spending time with them. We had so much fun playing and having a picnic! Later, Josh had a squirtgun fight with the kids. I didn't play that because I was holding the baby. Ooooh where is my niece??? Babies are just the bestest. Mom and I actually bought some super cute outfits for Cynthia on Friday. Yay! I can't wait until my niece is born, so we can hold her and cuddle her and SPOIL her. Shhh....don't tell my sister about the spoiling part. LOL!!
So, parents watch out. Auntie Melinda is on the prowel. I don't have my own kids, so I am on the lookout for someone else's kids to spoil.
About the card: I used the Paint Prints set. The colors are Bashful Blue, Pixie Pink, and Certianly Celery. Then, I added a piece of yummy loopy ribbon and a ribbon slide. I love those slides, they are so cute!! Thanks for looking!

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