Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blogging from Detroit read that right. DETROIT!! My flight had some issues....they were flying in to a huge headwind, and had to take on more fuel. That means they had to take OFF some passengers, so I didn't make it home yet. Well, to begin with, though, my flight from Cleveland to Detroit was almost half an hour taking off because there was a lot of traffic going in and out today. SO, I was half an hour late getting to my gate. IT was on the other side of the airport from where I landed. By the time I got there, it was 15 minutes prior to take-off, and I was one of the ones that got booted.

BUT it all worked out. I got a free round trip ticket. Also, my friends Stewart and Jeff live in Detroit. Stewart used to come on to our church on extension, when he was in grad school at Northland. I know Jeff through Stewart. So, I gave ole Stewie a call, and the guys came and rescued me. They showed me around downtown Detroit, and we went to Greek Town for dinner. Gyros. YUMMY!! Then, they twisted my arm and took me to the bakery next door to the restraunt. I had Creme Brule....tastyful!!! The, we went on the People Mover. It's Detroit's El-Train. That was a fun experience. So, the Lord works in mysterious ways, but my trip has been better than it would have been had I caught that first flight from Mosinee to Minneapolis on Monday evening.

And now....I'm off to bed. Y'all have a great night.

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drewmark19 said...

So are you home yet? I've never seen someone with so many weird flight delays happen in one trip! At least you got to eat gyros! Yum! So, I got your gorgeous card! I may just be motivated to stamp one in return. (That is if my kids cooperate.) If not, I'll dig into my stash of cards. Its amazing how many I have accumulated through stamp club! :) Hope you make it home (or have made it home) so you can finally sleep in your own bed!