Thursday, December 11, 2008


So I was plucking my eyebrows this morning (yes...ouchies!!) and thinking - why IN THE WORLD do I do these things to myself? I don't even have a man to look beautiful for.....of course you never know when you'll bump into "Mr. Right" (snort!!) so we'd better just be immaculate all the time, huh, but I digress..... It's either plucking those little hairy-hairs or going to the mall. Then, you can pay $15 to some punk chick. She will cover your eybrows with BOILING HOT WAX and yank them all out at once. Personally, I prefer the hot wax method. They have Witch-hazel there that soothes the pain.

And then there's the hair. If you have curly hair it needs to be straightened. If you have strait hair you get a perm. And no one should EVER have hairy legs. And who invented pantyhose anyways? Personally, I think all of these things were concocted by men. And they complain about ties. SHEESH!!

But then I was also thinking (yes I was a busy girl this morning....I got up earlier than normal) that our beauty rituals are much better than some others. I'm glad, for example, that I'm not Japanese and have to bind my feet so the bones break and I can't walk. Or there's that South Asian tribe where the women put rings around their necks and can't support their heads b/c they have no bone structure. I think the worst one I've seen is this remote African tribe that puts facial tattoos on their women. Yeah...they take a thorn or needle or something and stab their faces over and over and create these TOTALLY elaborate patterns. And they repeat it every day for like a week or something. With no type of pain relievers or anything. The article I saw on it said that it is excruciatingly painful and life-threatening.

So after all that, I guess waxing eyebrows isn't so bad. Can someone please pass the tweezers? I missed a spot!!

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