Monday, December 8, 2008


I am so mad that I could spit. I called the landlord today and asked when I can sign the lease and move in....Elena wants to move on Friday, since it's her day off. Well, he left me a VM stating that the ppl aren't move out (they had to go out of town for sick parents or something) until Friday. One of them isn't getting back until Thursday.

SO I called him and left a message that said that's not acceptable. Either they need to be out so I can move in by Friday or else he can put me up in a motel room until the apartment is ready.

But here's the deal -- I was supposed to move into the apartment on October 1. It's been first one thing and then another with the people who are living there now....and NOW THIS!! The landlord assured me that I would be in the apartment by the 15th. And there was a small miscommunication with the people I'm staying with now. They thought I said that I need to be out by the 12th, but I told them the 15th (that's payday....can't move without money, right?).

Something will work always does, but I appreciate your prayers that I have wisdom to know what that something is. Ugh!


Mark said...

tell the landlord person that you're going to move in somewhere else.

Karis said...

I am conflicted in these kind of situations. My mind goes around the circle. Do I play hard ball with them because they aren't doing me right? But then what if they call my bluff and release me and then I have to look for something else from the beginning of the process. But then again I don't want them to walk all over me when time and finances are tight. You sound like a stronger person than me. Hang in there.