Friday, December 19, 2008

The Case of the Noisy Neighbors

So I was all comfy cozy in my bed last night and I heard all of this noise. I was like "what in the world??" Well, aparently, the people who live in the basement of my house were having a fight or something. I could hear them loud and clear....a little too muffled to really understand what they were saying, but it kept me awake for quite some time. It was like 11:30pm. Sheesh!! I hope they don't keep that up. I thought about stomping on the floor or something, but I figured that would probably make them even madder. Sheesh!! I hope this doesn't keep up.

But in other news, the house is coming together quite nicely. We put up the Christmas tree this week, and it's really pretty. My bedroom still looks like the moving truck threw up in there, but I plan to rectify that this weekend. :o)

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