Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just in case you've been wondering......

.....the weekend at Josh's parent's house went really really well. We had such a good time. I really really liked them a lot. We all had a really great time.

But, to take a step back, the first thing we did on Saturday was go to the Prime Outlet Mall in Gaffney, GA. That was sooo much fun. I got a knee length denim skirt (I have been looking for one of those for like two years...seriously!!) and really nice red shirt at Lane Bryant. I wasn't going to get the shirt, but Josh really liked what can I say? Anything for my man. LOL I also got a really cute of tan slide-on shoes. Josh got a pair of jeans at AE for like $14 or something...and they are super hot on him. He also got a sweet shirt at Aeropostale for like $7....the man can find the sales, let me tell you. Well, here is a picture of us in our new duds. We wore them on Sunday to church.
After the mall, we drove to Greenwood, to Josh's parents. First, though, we stopped at his brother and sister-in-law's house.......that would be Matt and Sara. They have a really really cute little girl named Abigail Grace. She's about a month younger than Cynthia, and almost as cute. Oh yeah, and Sara is expecting twin baby girls in January. Their little family is growing fast.

Then, we drove to Tony and Yvonne's house. They had a little BBQ for us....burgers and brats. Yummy!!! Plus, we met Pau (who was Josh's youth pastor) and his wife Robin. They are really nice, too. We all had a good time hanging out and stuff. Paul and Robin have a supurbly wonderful sense of sarcastic humor....just like me. LOL But seriously, we had a good time. After dinner, Josh drove me to meet Paul and Robin's kids, Dillon and (um...seriously mental block here....will remember later) who had to work. They are really nice.

Sunday, we went to church and then I got to meet Tony's brother's famiy -- John, Tamy, ____, and _____ (another mind We had a nice dinner together. Yvonne made these FABULOUS lasagna rolls and cheesecake. She's sending me the recipes soon, so check out my recipe blog in the near future. After lunch, we just kinda hung out with the fam for a while. Abigail is SOOOO cute. She sat on my lap and cuddled with me for a long time.....didn't even want to go see Uncle Josh. LOL We also took a picture of Josh and Abigail, but it seems to be missing. I will get it from Josh and add it later.

We also went to the nursing home to see Josh's grandpa. They call him Poppa. He seemed like a really nice man, too.

SO.....that was my big weekend. We had so much fun. It was really hard to come back to "normal" life and work's not often that I get a whole Saturday off work. Oh yeah....all of the pictures were taken on Sunday....I just wanted to scatter them around a little during the "introductions".


Anna said...

Looks like a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT TIME... I believe you did I know we did. Hope to do it again soon. Also glad to see you finally got around to updating here. Got other things on your mind? Just kidding.

Love Yvonne :)