Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blogging from the hospital

But don't worry - I'm not the sick one. Dad was having some chest pain that wouldn't go away yesterday, so Mom took him to the emergency room. They decided to keep him overnight for observation....which is probably a good thing. If nothing else, he will be seeing the surgeion this morning, which will take the place of his January 3 appointment. We are hoping that they will schedule his surgery now instead of having to wait. We appreciate your prayers for Dad...he is having a lot of stress with the whole surgery thing, I think. Well...I don't really blame him. I was nervous when I went and got my wisdom teeth extracted. I can't imagine what it would be like to wait for triple bypass surgery. Eeek!!

In other news, our family had a wonderful Christmas. On Christmas Eve, Mom and I watched Cynthia because her mommy and daddy had to go to work. That was so much fun -- Cynthia is such a cute baby. No, really -- she is. ANYWAYS.....after everyone was off work, we went over to Josh and Shannon's house and had a very yummy dinner. Shannon made pork chops with this savory gravy stufff, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Super tasty!! Then, we all told the Christmas story to Cynthia. Each person told her part of it, and we passed her around. It was fun. Cynthia (and everyone else, too) got to open her presents.

On Christmas Day, we had a big turkey dinner at Mom and Dad's house. Yummy! After dinner, we played Clue DVD and had more trauma with Dad and his heart....he wasn't feeling very well then, and we ended up calling his doctor, who adjusted one of his medications some.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I got to stay with Cynthia all day. She and I had a pajama party all day -- it was soo much fun!! I'm sure you uncles and aunts will understand this -- but I just love that little girl so much. I don't even know how to describe it. She is soooo adorable!! It's been fun to watch her over the past two weeks or so that we've been together. She is really holding her head up very well now, and has discovered her hands. When someone talks to Cynthia, she tries to move her mouth and do the same thing. It's soooo funny!! She is always smiling, and then when someone talks to her she gets an EVEN BIGGER smile. What a little heart breaker. I'm so happy for Josh and Shannon -- they really have a very sweet and happy baby.

Well, I guess that's all for now. I don't have my camera with at the hospital, or I would post some pics. Have a great day, though!!

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