Friday, September 21, 2007

An Update -- Finally answer your questions --

YES I am still moving.
NO, I am not packed yet (shame on me!!)
YES I have started packing (just bearly)
YES I am excited about moving.
NO I am not looking forward to driving all that way by myself.

I have a feeling that the first person I see when I get there is going to have some very sore eardrums...I'm such a talker when I've been by myself for that long. LOL!!

And here is the scoop:

I'm leaving Sunday afternoon and traveling to my Aunt Ava's house in Illisnois. That's 5 hours from here. Monday morning I'm leaving Aunt Ava's and driving to Somerset, PA. That's about 9 hours.Tuesday morning I'm leaving Somerset, PA and traveling to VA Beach, the final destination. That's aobut 6 hours.

I have been pretty busy stamping, too. Here are some projects I've done. The bottles are Frappuchino bottles that I altered....those are SOOO much fun to make. Details for all of the cards can be found in my Splitcoast Stampers gallery HERE.


Mark said...

Oh, the drive by yourself is fun! You can yell at other drivers and not freak out passengers. You don't have to talk to anyone unless you want to. You can listen to whatever you want on the radio.

Just take a deep breath and drive it all in one day!

Karis said...

My suggestion would be to get a couple of books on DVD from the library, but since you're not returning, that won't work so well. We've gotten a couple of books on DVD from Cracker Barrell and it was worth the $3.49. Some have more of a variety than others... you pay $30.00 or whatever the cost of the DVD is in full, and then when you return it, they refund you for the whole thing except for $3.49. I listened to a really good book by Terri Blackstock that made the driving time fly by; of course, Dan wasn't as interested in it as I was....

Melinda McMillen said...

actauall...>I have Narnia and The Screwtape letters on CD that my friend Shana loaned I'm good. yay!!

Anonymous said...

Keeping you in prayer!!!! Excited 4 U

MichelleWilliams (SCS)