Sunday, May 27, 2007

Who me? Tagged??? NO way....

...but nevertheless, it is true. My friend Karis Seely tagged me....yeah, on TUESDAY!! Hello....I guess someone was sleeping, huh? Well, here are eight random facts about me.
1. I LOVE SHOES, SHOPPING FOR SHOES AND TRYING ON SHOES.....but if you come to my house, I'm barefoot. Yeah, love shoes....hate wearing them. Karis -- I probably have at least 30 pairs of shoes.

2. My first job was working for Sonic Drive-In, as a carhop.'s one of those jobs that gets more and more glamorous as the time goes on. I guess it was fun while it lasted, but I sure wouldn't want to do it again!!

3. I used to have a "Growth" on the end of my tongue. It looked like a tongue ring -- several people even asked me if I had one. ICK!! Fortunately, though, I had it removed a couple of years ago, when I had my wisdom teeth extracted. Funny thing, though....I still want to "play" with it sometimes. WAAAAAAT?????

4. Mom and I went shopping in Appleton, WI, this weekend. It was really nice. WE drove's about 2 hours away....on Friday night and stayed at the Hilton Hotel. Very nice. WE sat in the hot tub for a while and relaxed. Then, we went shopping on Saturday. We were both looking for some "Churchy" clothes. I found quite a bit. Mom didn't find anything. That's the way it goes sometimes, I guess.

5. I have a cat. Her name is Wonka. She is this funny tan color of cat...not yellow or orange, but really almost khaki...with a white tip on her tail. She is actually curled up on my bed beside me right now, sleeping. Aren't cat's lovely things? Yeah yeah...I know....the crazy cat lady...whatever....humor me. I don't have any kids.

6. I was born in South Carolina, grew up in Mississippi, where we lived until I was in about 10th grade, then moved to Kansas, I went to college in South Carolina, then my family moved to Wisconsin. I've also lived in Virginia for a few months, the year after I graduated college. So, I've kind of lived all over the place.

7. Karis Seely (the one who tagged me) and I were pen pals in Jr. High and High School. Our moms went to college at Bob Jones University together, and that is how we became acquainted. I didn't actually meet Karis until I was in VA Beach for a while. My sister, Shannon, knows her better than I do. Isn't it funny how things come full circle sometimes? I always think the steps from one person to another are interesting.

8. One of the craziest things that has ever happened to me -- this is a FUNNY story!! Ok so, I was engaged a year and a half ago (don't worry, I'm not bitter....although I did get dumped in October, on my birthday, and our wedding date was set for December....anyways...). So, I sold my wedding dress on E-Bay...or at least I thought I had sold it. The purchase price was $400 plus shipping and handling. That wasn't too bad. SO, I get a money order in the mail for $3,000. The person who bought the dress...who was from the UK....wanted me to cash the money order and send him the balance back. YEAH RIGHT!! SO I called the cops, and apparently it was some big scam. There have been several like that around -- motel rooms, stuff like that. But it was odd. Hmmm....anyone need a money order?? About that time, I saw a card challenge on to make up your own holida. SO here's the card I came up with:

And there you have it....some random facts about Melinda. I tag the following people: that's not eight, but those are all of the blogs I check on a regular basis. Sorry, guys.
Karis, thanks for tagging me. This was fun!!


Karis said...

30 pairs of shoes! No way! How can you decide which one to wear? Actually, I do like shoes especially cute sandals in the summer. However, it's not fun to have a crowded van packed full of stuff we only use a few times so I pack very basic -- black sandals, brown sandals, tennis shoes . That will do it for me. I bet you have some cute shoes!

I didn't know you had been engaged. Of course, I haven't kept up with you besides your blog since you moved away from Virginia Beach. What a day that birthday must have been...

I can't believe your Ebay story! The things people will try to get away with! What an experience that must have been.

Thanks for helping us get to know you better. You were a good sport.

Dawn Mercedes said...

Oh no! I was tagged? I'm totally behind on things....