Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cynthia Esther Smith

Here is what my sister has to say about her BABY GIRL. I, personally am SUPER excited that it's a niece. And I love the name -- so pretty. Great job, Josh and Shannon!!

It was really exciting to see pictures of Cynthia again. I think she is beautiful!! AND Shannon had some really cool video clips of the ultrasound too. There was one of her heart beating --wow-- and another of her moving. You can see all of Cynthia's little bones -- her spinal column, rib cage-- how neat!! Ultrasounds are just super cool!

And in honor of my new niece, here is a little girl card I stamped a while back. I have been too busy to stamp lately, and I know my toys all miss me!!

Thanks for looking. Have a great weekend!!

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Karis said...

You're such a good aunt to be excited with Shannon during this time. It is very special for me to have my brothers and sisters love Kayla so much and bond with her each in their own way. The love of aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. adds so much to Kayla's life. My brother and sister who lived in Virginia when Kayla was born were our first visitors at the hospital -- just a few hours after she was born. What a good memory that is. Congratulations, Auntie, on your niece.