Monday, March 26, 2007

Jobs and Blog Candy...

I hope your weekend was as good as mine!! I had a pretty good one, considering I got a job and all. YAY!!! I think there will be some working of Sundays involved, but they rotate, so I'm hoping only once a month or so, and then I should be able to go to Sunday School, skip the AM service, and then be back for choir practice and Sunday pm service. That's the plan right now, anyways. Today, I went for a drug screen and they ahve to do a background check. So, the HR guy said he hopes to have all of the information and paperwork back by Wed. or Thurs., and then orientation on Friday. I am really hoping to be able to start on Monday. Thanks for your prayers...God is GOOD!!

And for the blog candy --
my CANDY will be an altered clipboard, like the ones shown above (but not these...I gave them away already!!). To answer some questions:
  • When you upload a card, please post it on your own blog or on your SCS gallery. Then, paste the link into a comment on the BLOG CANDY ANNOUNCEMENT post.
  • You may e-mail me the links if you want, or the card, and I can upload it for you.
  • You may submit a card you have previously made, if you want to.

Mostly, I just want this to be fun, fun, fun!!!

Thanks for playing, gals!!

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stacy_w said...

I haven't been getting any new content notices on my feeds list, and of course I didn't remember where the monochromatic card challenge is. I'm glad I found you, and I know it's April 1, and I will try to get that card done today before we go out. Thanks!