Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Theatre, Snow, Turtles, and Ducks

This weekend, my mom, sister, and I went to see My Fair Lady at the Wausau Community Theatre. It was sooo much fun!! The production was actually very good. The picture is the "Escot" scene...my favorite. I have been singing "I could have danced all night..." since then. LOL!!
I always enjoy plays, and used to go to a lot of them when I was in college.....student productions are CHEAP!!....but I haven't had a chance to go to many plays since I got out of school almost 6 years ago. Wow .... I feel OOOOOLD NOW!!!

In other news, we've had some pretty big snows here. I think maybe around 10-12 inches, with some HUGE drifts. Click HERE to visit my sister's blog. It has some really cool snow pics that my BIL took.

OK...so I also added a virtual pet to my blog. He is a turtle named Bro. Rakestraw, and yes -- there is a story!! When Shannon and I were little, we found a turtle and kept it for a pet for several weeks (my mom is brave!!). The turtle's name was Bro. Rakestraw, after a preacher we had just met.....and I think we only met him the one time. Funny girls!

I also used to have a pet duck named Murdock. My Uncle Doug came home one weekend and brought three ducklings and a gosling. I'm not sure how my mom ever allowed that. Ok I just asked her -- and she was like "they were for Easter...what was I going to do? We lived out in the country....it didn't matter." Well I remember those little fluffy ducks swimming around in a little wading pool that we had. The other ducks died but Murdock (guess what we used to watch....) lived. He was my pet duck, and he would come sit in my lap and eat lettuce. Later, we traded my gradpa the duck for a Beagle named Smiley. Later, Gramps traded Murdock to Mr. Ray, a friend who lived down the road, for another beagle. Murdock lived at Mr. Ray's house for a long time (he had lots of ducks and chickens and quial). Murdock finally got eaten by a racoon. Poor Duck! Before his untimely demise....Murdock laid an egg. Silly duck was a girl not a boy. Oh well...what does a 9 year old know???

Oh...and speaking of Mr. Ray - we used to walk down the road to their house. The Rays lived right down the road from Gramma and Gramps. Shannon and I, and sometimes Mark, would walk down the road and visit the Rays. Some great memories there!! I will have to blog more about them later...I think the Rays deserve their own spot.