Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some news

I have some news. I got cats. I have two cats.

Mocha is a Sealpoint Ragdoll, who is a little over a year old. When you pick a Ragdoll up, they go limp like a ragdoll...hence the name. Another breed trait is that they like their bellies to be rubbed, just like a dog. It's so funny....Mocha will come and lay by me and roll over on her belly so I can pet it. LOL

Chai is a Chocolate point Siamese, who is about 14 weeks right now. I really love Siamese kittens....they always just look like they've been playing in the soot!! Mom always had a Siamese cat when I was growing up, so I have decided to continue the tradition.


Karis said...

Just wanted to say "Hi."

Kayla would love to get a kitten, but Dan's not a cat lover... and I don't want the responsibilities that are leftover that a 4 year old can't do well. So... poor Kayla! :-)

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