Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Desires of our Hearts

As you may or may not have noticed, I have a flare for the dramatic. Being such, I REALLY love plays and the theatre. I was introduced to opera while I was in college, and I actually enjoyed it (especially since they display sub-titles so you can read what's going on!). Well, this year at BJU, the spring Opera is The Barber of Seville( <----- production photos, if you are interested.....). I especially enjoyed this production when I was in college, particularly because they perform it in English....yessss!!!! So, I really REALLY wanted to go, but couldn't swing it financially. Sheesh....what a disappointment!! Weeeell.....a friend of mine, Mrs. Joyce Parsons (who works in the costume room at BJU) had an extra ticket and invited me to go with their family. So, now I get to see the opera.

What is it the Bible says about the desires of our hearts??? Hmmmm......

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Karis said...

Yay for you. (I was going to say that if I had a ticket you could have mine because I'm not into operas but then I got to thinking that I've never been to one so maybe I would be surprised that it was fun.)